The Fundraising Reboot

All nonprofit organizations have been impacted by COVID-19, and we've heard from many of you that you're confused about what to do next and overwhelmed by where to start. Perhaps you're juggling work and family, all from home. You feel stuck. You feel unenergized. We're here to help.


Introducing: The Fundraising Reboot, a two-week process that takes you from tired to inspired. Over a series of four working meetings we’ll re-energize you and your team by rethinking your fundraising activities, appeals, events, and strategies to adapt them to this ever-changing world.


At the end of the Fundraising Reboot you’ll have:

  • Updated strategies to achieve your fundraising goals
  • An outline for what each activity, appeal, event or strategy will look like moving forward
  • Clarity on who will own the success of each initiative
  • The focus to move forward in an efficient way
  • A renewed sense of motivation, optimism and the energy to tackle the challenges ahead

How It Works

Day 1: This is all about setting the stage. You and your advisor will review your current fundraising plan and strategy for the year. You’ll discuss your goals and identify the challenges.

Days 2 and 3: This is where the rubber meets the road. You’ll talk through each initiative in your plan to determine what changes need to be made. Together, you’ll brainstorm and generate new ideas - all grounded in what’s working in today’s virtual world. At the end, you’ll know exactly what each new activity, appeal, event, or strategy will look like and how to go about implementing to ensure success.

Day 4: This is where it all comes together. We’ll make sure you know who on your team is owning the success of each initiative and that you’ve identified a timeline for when to begin planning. We’ll review the final plan and see if any further prioritization is needed.

Setting the stage

While a planning process is half the battle (organizations with fundraising plans on average raise about 35% more than those without plans) we know that questions come up during implementation and we want to be here to help. Your coach will schedule a final meeting a month after the reboot finishes to help you think through anything else that has come up.


We know that times are tough and we also know that our communities need you and your nonprofits now more than ever. We’re committed to making sure you get the help you need to weather the storm and part of that is offering this new business line at a special rate of $1,997.

Why Evolve?

We love fundraising and believe in the power of philanthropy. Our consultants are experts who’ve worked in nonprofit organizations across the spectrum and have faced adversity on the frontlines. They are great listeners who are positive, encouraging, and empathetic. We know what it is like to raise money in challenging circumstances and can tell you what works – and what doesn’t. As your thought-partners in this journey, we are committed to seeing you through this tough time and helping you focus on the right things that will get results. To learn more about our team, please click here.


We approached Evolve as a new organization and within six months, the team helped us become a world-class organization with robust programming and fundraising. Our consultants became part of the team, living and breathing One World Surgery like we were. They provided valuable thought leadership and execution support across many complex issues.


Our development team has had a great experience working with our consultant from Evolve. With the feedback she provided, our new development team came into their work with a greater understanding of the LSNA fundraising climate and areas in which they may be able to better support their colleagues and their organization. Our engagement strengthened the development team’s efforts to be more strategic rather than reactive in an extremely busy deadline-driven environment.

It’s well past my one year anniversary and I wanted to both check in with you and say thank you.This year has been great. We have had nothing but compliments that we’re ‘turning the energy around.’ Enrollment is up and our outreach plans have helped us reach a whole new audience. Our special events have produced 15-20% increases and we can say we’ve had a list of successes that leave us energized and encouraged. Thank you both for taking the time to coach and encourage me.

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