Organizational Strategy and Development

What do you want to achieve, and how will you get there? Evolve Giving Group provides strategic planning to help nonprofits assess and refine their plans, processes and programs, driving measurable impact for their missions.

Strategic Planning

Chart a course for sustainable growth. Working alongside your leaders, Evolve’s not for profit consultants can help you assess internal capabilities, competition and opportunities to increase your impact. By defining short- and long-term plans for governance, budgeting, fundraising, capital improvements, programming and more, your organization can create results-oriented strategies that align your entire team around common goals.



Before you can reach your goals, you need to understand what’s working and what’s not. We take a critical eye to your operations, performing comprehensive assessments of your nonprofit resource development plans, staff structure and performance, financial management, facilities, and other key areas. Drawing on best practices from our work with more than 300 organizations, we allow nonprofits to create strategic plans to optimize their staff, resources and efforts.


You begin with the spark of an idea. We help it grow into a sustainable organization. We work with fledgling organizations to determine if creating a nonprofit is the right approach, manage the incorporation process and establish the right structure. Once your new nonprofit is up and running, we can help you manage a fundraising campaign, assist with executive search and provide the training and development you need to effect powerful change for your community.


From a vision to a thriving nonprofit 

After a visit to a surgical center in Honduras, CEO Andrew Hayek of Surgical Care Associates was inspired to make a positive impact on global health. He wanted to get it right the first time and turned to our consultants for their expert guidance to build a solid organizational structure, develop a corporate social responsibility program and navigate the complexities of working with two other nonprofit agencies. With the help of Evolve consultants, the organization doubled the annual budgeted revenue in four months, growing by 635% in the first nine months. 

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